Sweetens Cove Tennessee Straight Bourbon Whiskey Aged 13 years

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A treasure born, blended and bottled in Tennessee, for friends, old and new.  A hidden discovery.  Carefully curated and handcrafted.  13-year aged cask strength bourbon.  Inspired by the wonder of a special place, talented artisans and a spirit of friendship and memories created together.  There are just 100 barrels and 13,000 bottles total, each blended by hand in five distinctive batches, by Marianne Eaves, the first female Master Bourbon Distiller since Prohibition.  Finally, a Tennessee bourbon worthy of the world’s premium stage. 

It started with a golf course in South Pittsburg, Tennessee at the end of a gravel road, where the natural beauty takes your breath and the golf makes your heart beat faster.  There, every first-time visitor is met with a warm welcome and a shot of whiskey on the first tee. Wanting to celebrate the origins of that ritual, the Founders of Sweetens Cove have created this very limited edition as a “love letter” to Tennessee and unforgettable moments with special friends.

This product is currently only available for Delivery in Tennessee. Product delivery within 7 business days. For order inquiries, please email hey@sweetenscovespirits.com.

There is a ONE BOTTLE limit per customer per order.


Bottle Size: 750ml

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