Talero Tequila Silver

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Talero Tequila is an ultra-premium organic tequila, sourced from organically grown agave. Talero has changed the creation of tequila, one taste and you’ll understand why. Soft and elegant with a velvety smooth texture, Talero is not just another tequila: It is in a category by itself.

The Talero Tequila is committed to being as eco-friendly as possible. We believe it is our responsibility to help create and maintain a clean environment, and frankly, we know it makes for better tequila. We employ only natural and earth-friendly methods, such as all-natural fertilizers. And we use absolutely no growth accelerants or chemical additives—such as glycerin, fructose, refined sugar, caramel or food dye—in our tequila.

Talero Tequila is certified by Bioagricert, an independent entity established in 1984 to regulate the organic certification process and to accelerate the spread of organic quality agriculture. The controls required for Bioagricert, the leading certification council for international beverage alcohol, are recognized by the USDA and are strictly adhered to throughout the Talero manufacturing process, making Talero Tequila the first of its kind anywhere.

Bottle Size: 750ml

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