Talisker Distiller’s Edition

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There’s near perfection in the bitter-sweet harmony which is such an enthralling feature of this truly classic whisky, as its crisp peat softens, not to pepper, but to rich, sweet, juicy fruit.

COLOR - Chestnut brown.
NOSE - Extremely sharp and well-focused; no lingering, rambling smoke but instead a wonderful sultana sweetness.
PALATE - Crisp peat softens to enormous richness, with sweet, roasty malt and a heathery dryness. Sherry replaces the usual pepper with luscious, oily sweetness.
FINISH - Deep cocoa notes, magnificent vanilla and lingering, earthy peat. Exemplary in balance between sweet and dry.
BODY - Full bodied, clean yet rich.

• 2014 - Double Gold, San Francisco World Spirits Competition
• 2014 - Silver, International Spirits Challenge
• 2014 - Silver, The Scotch Whisky Masters
• 2011 - Silver, International Spirits Challenge

Bottle Size: 750ml

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