Tequila Comisario® Blanco

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Tequila Comisario is a 100% pure ultra-premium tequila from the famous Highlands of Jalisco. With incredibly smooth taste and agave fruit nose, this is the best sipping tequila made. Enjoy with your favorite food or neat. Comisario has been awarded 90+ scores, multiple international gold and double gold medals.

Tequila Comisario – delicious sipping tequila. Savor!

• #1 Rated Blanco for Margaritas, Cigar + Spirits Magazine Margarita Challenge
• #1 Blanco in the World, Cigar + Spirits Magazine Margarita Challenge
• 6 Gold Medals, 95 Points
• 93 Points (Superb), BIN Liquor Rank Competition

Bottle Size: 750ml

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