The Sexton Irish Single Malt with Branded 1L Barrel

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Looking to upgrade your at-home bar? The Sexton is providing an easy way to make a barrel-aged Manhattan from the comfort of your home. An unconventional single malt, The Sexton is triple distilled in copper pot stills for exceptional smoothness and then aged in formed Oloroso sherry cask from Jerez, Spain, imparting a rich flavor.

The handcrafted American White Oak barrel that you will receive with purchase has a medium char and comes with a stand, bung, wooden spigot, and storing tablet, perfect for making barrel-aged cocktails. Simply pour The Sexton in the top and let time work its magic. The barrel is small enough to sit on your counter or bar cart so you can make a barrel-aged Manhattan at home with ease.

Branded 1L Barrel will ship separately.

Includes: One (750ml) bottle of Sexton Irish Single Malt Whiskey and one (1L) Branded Barrel

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