TINCUP® (2 Bottles)

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TINCUP® is a bold and spicy bourbon cut with pure Rocky Mountain water from distilling legend Jess Graber. The whiskey gets its powerful flavor from a mash profile very high in rye, a choice Graber made because he felt most American Whiskey was too mellow. Up front TINCUP® has notes of pepper, cinnamon and orange, which give way to a smoother vanilla middle and a short, clean finish. Graber recommends you drink it neat or with one ice cube, but this is a complex whiskey that could be at home in any classic cocktail. Named for a gold-rush era mining town in the mountains of Colorado, TINCUP® was created in honor of the state's first drinkers, the miners who settled in the mountains and drank their whiskey from tin cups. The bottle's cap is a twist-off metal cup, paying further homage to the whiskey's name and its origins. Highly recommended for sharing with friends around a warm fire.

Includes: Two (750ml) bottles of TINCUP®

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