Tod & Vixen's The Flying Fox Series Jamaican Rum Cask Finish Mature Gin

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What if... you took our award winning gin and combined it with the wood maturation program for our single malt whisky. Turns out its pretty damn good, evidenced by our second double gold in a row at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition (the oscars of alcohol).

This is the second release from our experimental wood maturation series for our Dry Gin 1651.  We filled ex-rum casks from Jamaica and let them mature for 12 months.  The result is a beautifully golden spirit with heavy rum influence, supported by notes from both our gin and the American oak barrels. We only release the barrels which meet our exacting quality and character standards.   

Enjoy it neat, on-the-rocks with a slice of orange or in your favorite cocktail (Tiki anyone?). The aroma and flavor starts off with a heavy rum influenced character, sweet and warm.  Then comes the freshness of the gins citrus and some delicious tropical notes.  Great in all seasons.


Bottle Size: 750ml


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