Tolago Agave Lime (6 Pack)

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Tolago is brewed in the Pacific Northwest. Following the fermentation of our proprietary sugar brew blend, the alcohol is charcoal filtered, then run through a RO filter to remove all impurities. This leaves the alcohol pure and free of any yeast sediment and residual sugars. Depending on the flavor, the ingredients are then batched in.

To enhance Tolago's unique process, 100% real ethically sourced fruit juice is added. The Lime juice is sourced from a citrus farm in Orange County California. Keeping true to the process, the Agave Lime is naturally sweetened with fair trade, certified organic agave nectar from Mexico. From here the water, alcohol, and other ingredients are carbonated, canned, and packaged for your enjoyment. 


  • Double Gold Medal- 2020 Canned Challenge
  • Silver Medal - 2021 SIP Awards
  • The Tolago packaging received Double Platinum in the ASCOT Awards.                           

Size: 12oz x (Pack of 6 cans) 

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