Waterford Stellar Zodiac Tumbler Pisces

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This bespoke Zodiac Pisces Tumbler from Waterford is beautifully handcrafted by their finest Master Craftsmen and intricately adorned with delicate cuts that depict the Pisces constellation, making it the perfect luxury gift for a friend with the matching zodiac sign. The tumbler is a vision of luxury, as the combinations of gold-filled ball cuts and intricately detailed etch cuts on the tumblers’ exterior create a wonderous aesthetic, where the detail and texture of cuts interact as you look through the pristine tumbler. 

Over 5000 years ago, Ireland’s stargazing heritage was embedded in its soil, as early civilizations built the megalithic sites at Newgrange and Loughcrew to reveal astronomical secrets, record and capture solar events and even map the constellations. Millenia later, and our fascination with the night sky has not wavered. Hand-crafted at the House of Waterford in Ireland, the remarkable Stellar collection details the constellations in magnificent detail, celebrating humanities’ fascination with the stars and the proficiency, precision and perfection of elite Irish craftsmanship.

  • Hand Wash Recommended
  • Lead Crystal


H: 3.86" W: 3.31" D: 3.31"

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