Whispering Angel with Billykirk "XOXO" Bottle Neck Tag

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Whispering Angel


  • 77 % Grenache
  • 13 % Rolle
  • 4 % Cinsault
  • 3 % Syrah
  • 3 % Tibouren

Fresh red berry fruit characteristics with floral nose. Ripe and fleshy feel on the palate. Dry (zero sugar). Great concentration. Smooth and round finish. No astringent aftertaste or bite. Extremely easy drinking. No matter what style of wine you drink, everyone finds something in Whispering Angel that they enjoy and can identify with (from beginner to wine experts).

Billykirk "XOXO" Bottle Neck Tag

Send some live with this "XOXO" stamped bottle neck sentiment that makes gifts extra special.  

Give your bottle some personality with our 100% leather bottle neck charm, which is also a keychain. Handmade in the USA with gold foil stamping.


Includes: One (750 ml) Bottle of Whispering Angel Rosé and one Billykirk "XOXO" Bottle Neck Tag. 

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